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Opening of a furniture shop in Molotkoviche

In Molotkoviche, in the Belarusian part of Polesia, there is a special school attended by over 150 disabled children. Most of them come from poor families in need of social assistance. he school strives to prepare its students for future independent life and work, using the appropriate educational tools.

The school authorities began to cooperate with the Polish side under the Polish development cooperation programme in order to increase the scope of its assistance. Initially, since 2014, in cooperation with the Polish Embassy in Minsk, the existing shops and workshops (carpentry, building and sewing workshops, among others) were modernised and news ones set up: a pottery workshop, a workshop for the production of paving slabs, as well as a workshop for cold metal processing or a blacksmith’s shop. In addition, in the nearby town of Pinsk, an order processing point was opened (for, among others, woodworking, copying and document binding.

In 2017, the school established cooperation with the Association of Rural Municipalities of the Podlasie Voivodeship. Thanks to it, a furniture-making faculty was opened with the status of a supported employment enterprise. Recently, the furniture shop was officially opened with the participation of Polish MFA representatives, Marek Kuberski, Deputy Director of the Department of Development Cooperation, and Magdalena Sidorowicz, I Secretary in the Polish Embassy in Minsk, as well as representatives of the Association of Rural Municipalities of the Podlasie Voivodeship, local authorities and the school’s management.

The opening of the supported employment enterprise received coverage from Belarusian television:


Polish-Belarusian cooperation was also covered by the local media:





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