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October 16th - World Food Day

World Food Day is celebrated each year on October 16th. This day marks the date of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. The most important objective of World Food Day, officially recognized by the UN General Assembly through the resolution of 5 December 1980, is to increase public awareness of the need to strengthen international solidarity in the fight against hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

The official theme of this year’s 32nd World Food Day is “Agricultural cooperatives – key to feeding the world”. Supporting agricultural cooperatives is essential in the process of improving food security in the world. This observation has been confirmed by UN General Assembly’s decision about designating 2012 the “International Year of Cooperatives”.

More information about the observance of World Food Day 2012 is available on FAO and WFP websites:



For additional information on the World Food Day you can also visit:



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