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Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA) events in Poland

The Network on Humanitarian Action (NOHA) unites 9 European universities aimed at promoting humanitarian values, organizing professional trainings, as well as supporting research and reports on key humanitarian issues.

NOHA activities are supported by EU bodies: the Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid (DG ECHO) and the Directorate-General for Education and Culture  (DG EAC), as well as by a range of NGOs, intergovernmental organizations and other humanitarian aid actors.

On 5-6 September 2012, Warsaw University will host plenary session of the European Universities on Professionalization on Humanitarian Action (EUPRHA) project, part of the NOHA  framework. The project is funded under the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Project, and is a joint response by European countries to the new circumstances and challenges facing the humanitarian aid sector.

Participants of the project, implemented with support from the NOHA Secretariat General, include students and lecturers from 27 universities in 27 EU countries and 3 non-EU universities (in Iceland, Norway and Switzerland), as well as experts from two international humanitarian organizations (ICVA, Sphere Project). More information on the event is available at: http://www.euprha.org/

On 7-14 September 2012, Warsaw University will also host the Programme inaugurating the annual NOHA Master Programme. The session will be held in Warsaw for the fourth time and comprise official lectures, seminars, discussions, presentations, case studies and evaluations.

The event brings together 200 NOHA students and lecturers, researchers, officials from partner universities, as well as a series of consultants, international experts, activists from NGOs and international organizations, as well as the sector’s policymakers. This year’s edition is entitled “A Global Humanitarian System”. The inauguration of the Intensive Programme will take part on 8 September, with the keynote speech by Ms Catherine Bragg, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA). A detailed agenda of the Programme is available at www.noha.com.pl.

Both of the abovementioned events are organized by Warsaw University in cooperation with University Deusto in Bilbao, Spain. The Development Cooperation Department invites all students interested in humanitarian topics to acquaint themselves with the activities undertaken by the NOHA network.

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