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Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme for 2016-2020

The Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme 2016-2020, which sets out Poland’s strategy of actions for developing countries, was adopted by the Council of Ministers on 6 October 2015. The document encompasses the entire Polish Official Development Assistance (ODA), including bilateral development assistance, humanitarian aid, and global education activities. Its primary objective is to make Poland’s development cooperation even more effective and efficient.

The 2016-2020 Programme draws on the experience gained while implementing development cooperation in 2012-2015; the analysis of strategic documents, needs and development directions of the partner countries; the work of the Development Cooperation Policy Council; and initiatives of the European Union.

Multiannual Programme 2016-2020 - leaflet

Compared with the previous programming period, Poland’s development cooperation will focus on fewer priority countries. Priority support will cover 10 countries: 4 Eastern Partnership countries (Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine), and 6 countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East (Ethiopia, Kenya, Myanmar, Palestine, Senegal, Tanzania).

Moreover, the document sets thematic priorities of development cooperation. In the coming years, Poland’s development cooperation will help to strengthen the rule of law, support decentralisation reforms, fight corruption, and ensure respect for human rights and civic freedoms. The aims of development cooperation also include improving healthcare quality and access to education. Among the envisaged measures is support for entrepreneurship, agriculture and environmental protection, including addressing the fallout of natural and man-made disasters.

The new Programme takes into account challenges which the Polish system of development cooperation is facing due to changes taking place in the region. As part of support for the EaP countries, Poland will continue to share its transformation experience, and support their European aspirations, including the implementation of the Association Agreements and the DCFTAs (especially in Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia).

In view of the unprecedented migrant crisis triggered by the armed conflict in Syria, the Programme provides for Polish humanitarian aid to refugees from the Middle East, especially from Syria.

Programme activities will be financed from resources of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the special purpose budget reserve earmarked for development cooperation, and funds of other ministries.

The Programme will offer a basis for annual plans, which will specify tasks, forms of cooperation, and the amount of funding for development cooperation tasks.

Stages of developing the Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme 2016-2020

Pursuant to the Development Cooperation Act, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs drafts a project of a Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme for a period not shorter than four years. The programme defines the geographical and thematic goals and priorities of development assistance, humanitarian aid and global education. The Council of Ministers adopts a Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme by a way of resolution.

The second Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme will be in forced for five years, i.e. 2016-2020. Relying on the experience gained during the implementation of the Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme for 2012-2015, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decided to extend the duration of the Programme, which should contribute to the better predictability and effectiveness of the Polish assistance. Furthermore, the Programme will be time-coherent with the EU financial perspective until 2020 and allow to conduct a partial mid-term review, which, in turn, will create an opportunity for introducing changes inspired by the review.

Stages of preparing the Programme’s project:

  • Stage I: analysis of implementing the Multiannual Programme
  • Stage II: preparing concept assumptions of a new programme
  • Stage III: preparing the project of a Multiannual Programme
  • Stage IV: stage of a formal adaption of the project of a Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme for 2016-2020
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