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Multi-media education materials

We are glad to present the multi-media educational material on the Millennium Development Goals - „The UN Millennium Development Goals - Get Involved".

Interest in MDGs is growing, yet we still lack reliable and interesting information packs concerning the world's problems, including poverty, access to education and health services, equality and environmental protection.

The UN's Cyberschool Project is a response to the growing demand for educational materials concerning global issues. The project includes interactive teaching material „MDGs - Get Involved", available on both on CDs and the website.

The Polish language version has been elaborated thanks to the MFA's Development Co-operation Department's collaboration with the UNDP in Poland. The information pack has been enriched by didactic aids provided by Salesian Voluntary Missions "Młodzi Światu" and the Polish Humanitarian Organisation Foundation.

The material should be of particular interest to the youth and teachers looking for interesting and thought-provoking subjects to discuss with their students.

The electronic version is accessible here: www.un.org.pl/rozwoj/mdg. It contains information on global development challenges, ideas on how to get involved in actions against poverty and poverty-related issues. The CD also contains short films and articles on the subject.

All organisations interested in obtaining the material may send detailed requests for CDs at: polskapomoc@msz.gov.pl. Please indicate the number of CDs you require and your plans of use.

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