Polska pomoc

Mission statement

Poland is involved in development cooperation for the benefit of developing countries. As a United Nations, European Union and OECD member, Poland is under a number of political obligations to increase its activity on the international arena for the reduction of poverty.

Our involvement is motivated by international solidarity. The world heading in the direction of equalising development chances, observation of human rights, good governance, environmental protection and sustainable development is a world safer, more stable and population-friendly.

The overarching goal of Polish development cooperation is to support sustainable socio-economic development of developing countries and their societies, take actions aimed at reducing poverty, improve health of the population, enhance education and professional qualifications of the population, support democratization processes and state reforms, build modern state institutions, promote human rights, and foster civil society.

Polish development cooperation constitutes a part of Polish foreign policy and fits into the european and global development policies, including support for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also contributes to broadening knowledge of global interdependencies between the developed and the developing worlds among the Polish people.

Polish development cooperation is implemented through programmes and projects, addressed to specific groups of beneficiaries (bilateral assistance), as well as member fees and voluntary contributions to international institutions, funds and organisations (multilateral assistance). A substantial part of the funds is directed at priority countries of the Polish development aid programme in cooperation with Polish nongovernmental organisations, public financial sector units, Polish Academy of Sciences and universities. Polish aid projects are also carried out in cooperation with Polish representations and diplomatic missions.

Apart from development cooperation, Poland actively supports granting aid, care and security to people who suffered from consequences of armed conflicts, natural disasters, or other humanitarian crises, natural or man-made. Poland also undertakes educational initiatives in order to promote awareness and understanding of global issues among its citizens.

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