Polska pomoc

Local actions to benefit inhabitants of the global South

The project organized by the Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) and co-financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of the "Development Education 2011" Programme was addressed to representatives of 30 Polish middle and secondary schools, and in turn to inhabitants of towns numbering less than 500,000 inhabitants.

Teachers and pupils took part in workshops which trained them to lead community actions on access to water, education, and food, as well as on development cooperation. The workshops were conducted by PAH staff who are well-acquainted with living conditions in the global South (e.g. Sudan, Afghanistan, Palestinian Authority). Thanks to this, the educational materials for teachers and pupils will closely reflect the reality on the ground.

The schools selected by PAH (with one teacher and two pupils from each school participating) took part in a 3-day workshop held in September 2011, covering the following areas:

  • educational games;
  • participants' discussions with coaches and volunteers;
  • film screenings;
  • teamwork;
  • planning of educational projects by participants;
  • planning community actions on the occasion of the Global Education Week and the European Development Days.

All of the teachers interested in participating in the workshops were given publications covering information material (root causes of a problem, examples of specific countries affected by difficulties, consequences for inhabitants, statistics), teaching scenarios to be used during classes, information on ways of benefitting inhabitants of the global South in a given area, as well as a practical project guide for teachers, covering in particular the question of global education.

The project ended in December 2011 in Warsaw during the European Development Days with film screenings and a photo exhibition devoted to projects implemented in the respective schools. These can be viewed at: https://www.polskapomoc.gov.pl/ and http://www.pah.org.pl/.

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