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Library in Anjara


The library project began in August 2007. It involved designing and building of a library pavilion within the school area and, at a later stage, providing furniture, computers and books. The project was called "Maktabati" ("my library" in Arabic) and was introduced as a pilot initiative aiming to encourage new libraries being founded in the poorest regions in Jordan.

The school, where the library was established, is attended by approximately 200 students aged between 6 and 16 years. It is a co-educational institution for boys and girls from both Christian and Muslim backgrounds. The library will also be available for the members of the local community of 17,000 for whom a separate entrance has been provided. 

While selecting the beneficiaries of the "Maktabati 1" project, the embassy drew upon a long-standing experience of the Family International Community Services, a non-governmental organisation which for many years now has been present in Jordan delivering assistance in the field of education and health protection. The books for the library collection have been chosen in accordance with clearly defined principles. Thanks to that, the library now boasts a rich selection of about 2,500 books for children and youth in Arabic and English including profusely illustrated atlases and encyclopaedias. On top of that, there are three computers in the library with Internet access.

The library opening ceremony was attended by the prince Mir'ad bin Ra'ad, who cut the ribbon officially declaring the library open, along with the representatives of local authorities led by the governor of the Ajlun Province and the mayor of Ajlun city. The ceremony was followed by the classical music concert held in the Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary. The large audience included many of the town's people, Christians and Muslims side by side, together with the members of the Polish community in Jordan, the graduates of Polish universities and Jordanian businessmen who sponsored the initiative.

The large Polish audience had the pleasure to listen to the emotionally-tinged speech delivered in Polish by the Reverend Hanna Keldani, the chief education officer of Catholic schools in Jordan, expressing gratitude towards the Polish community: "Thank you. We love Poland here, Poland is great! We appreciate you and we are proud to be your friends."

The Jordanian press covered the subject of library construction and opening extensively. Articles in Arab papers said that "this pilot initiative of the Polish government will encourage children in Jordan, who are going to build and be the future of this country, to take the opportunity to expand their horizons and fulfil their dreams."

Building the library in Anjara, providing the necessary equipment and subsequent, few-year patronage is a perfect example of effective assistance that Poland can deliver to Jordan. The Polish library is the first initiative of this kind, but the Polish Embassy in Amman intends to rouse foreign and local sponsors into building similar libraries in the poorest regions in Jordan.


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