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Let's Fix the Fashion! project at OFF Festival in Katowice

As part of the Let's Fix the Fashion! project, the Foundation's team and volunteers told an audience of approx. 500 people about the conditions in which clothing and shoes are made. Festival guests could learn about the challenges confronting the manufacturers. Also discussed was how everyday articles are produced. Their non-traditional and durable ways of production were outlined with the help of the Foundation's "Let's Fix the Fashion" brochure. An educational thematic game, developed specially for the occasion, met with keen interest. The event provided an opportunity for young people to learn more about certified fabrics, e.g. Fairtrade cotton. The subject of cutting down on clothes and shoes purchases and the zero waste philosophy also attracted interest. 

Archive: Buy Responsibly Foundation

The Foundation's activities are designed for Polish society, in particular young people, journalists, and social organisations. The raising of Polish consumers' awareness is intended to engage them in efforts for sensible production and consumption. Ultimately, this should lead to better life and work conditions for people who work in the clothing and footwear manufacturing industries in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The project is co-financed under the Global Education 2018 competition held by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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