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"Lens on development" - participate in the photo contest!

If you like taking pictures and are interested in the subject of developmental aid, plus you can illustrate how education contributes towards the improvement of life, or how nature influences humans, send your work to the “Lens on development” [“Rozwój w obiektywie”] contest. Entries shall be accepted between 1 September and 20 October. The contests is organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

Photos entered in the contest should present everyday life, culture and problems that need to be overcome by the inhabitants of developing countries and countries undergoing political transformation. With this contest, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is hoping to make Poles more interested in the problems of world development as well as to make them more familiar with the Millennium Development Goals along with rendering problems related to global development more understandable.

Contest entries shall be accepted through the www.konkursmsz.national-geographic.pl website in three thematic categories:

  • Democracy and human rights in development,
  • Education and entrepreneurship as the key to better life,
  • Impact of the natural environment on human life.

Any participant may send in up to five photos in each of the categories. Detailed information on the manner of entering the photos to be found in the contest regulations available at www.konkursmsz.national-geographic.pl.

The contest jury will select the winners from among the photos sent in, awarding the following monetary prizes: Grand Prix in the amount of PLN 5 thousand, first prize in the amount of PLN 3 thousand and two honourable mentions in the amount of PLN 1.5 thousand in each of the three thematic categories.

According to the World Food Programme’s data, over a billion people around the world are suffering from hunger and undernutrition, while 98 per cent of those are the inhabitants of the developing countries of Africa and Asia. Every fifth person on Earth has to survive on less than the equivalent of USD 1.25 a day, while about 100 million children around the world have no access to basic level education. Developmental aid constitutes the developed countries’ response to these problems and many others.

The European Union is the largest donor of official developmental aid in the world. The European Commission, supported by the EU Member States, finances as much as 60 per cent of all global initiatives aiding development. Poland strives to participate actively in the forming of policy contributing towards reducing poverty and finances aid projects which support the development of less affluent countries. About PLN 1.4 billion, which stands for 0.09 per cent of the Polish Gross National Income, is earmarked annually from the Polish State’s budgetary funds for developmental cooperation.

See a list of developing countries.


The “Lens on development” contest jury shall include among its members:

Martyna Wojciechowska – journalist and traveller, chief editor of the National Geographic Polska and NG Traveler magazines.

Agnieszka Franus – deputy of the chief editor of the National Geographic Polska and NG Traveler magazines, for the last 2 years managing the Traveler Photography Academy.

Wojcich Franus – head of the graphical department at National Geographic Polska.

Jan Hofmokl – developmental cooperation expert, head of the Social Communication, Global Education and Voluntary Work Section at the Developmental Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Beata Kita-Sposób – global education expert, specialist at the Developmental Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responsible for implementation and popularisation of the Polish developmental cooperation programme.

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