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Informal Donor Co-ordination Meeting on Belarus

On 18 October, 2006 a meeting of the European Commission's Directorate-General for External Relations was held. The meeting which was organised by the Directorate "Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asian Republics" was dedicated to the presentation of assistance projects for Belarus, which are implemented by the EU, its member states and the international donor community.

The representatives of the European Commission, the EU member states (including representative from the Development Co-operation Department of the MFA of the Republic of Poland), World Bank, Council of Europe, Canada, the USA, Romania, Bulgaria and Ukraine attended the meeting.

Different programmes implemented in Belarus by various countries and international organisations were presented and discussed during the meeting.

The representative from the Development Co-operation Department has underlined that Belarus is an important country for Polish assistance activities. Poland gives priority to the support offered to Belarusian society in the field of education and mass-media. The priorities and directions of Poland's assistance activities for Belarus confirm those of the European Commission and of other donor countries.

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