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Inauguration of theatrical classes in schools and youth clubs in Eastern Jerusalem

This endeavour was implemented in Eastern Jerusalem, in districts inhabited by the Palestinian community whose members are severely affected by the economic, cultural and social isolation from the other areas inhabited by Palestinians (the West Bank and the Gaza Strip). The aim of the project was to create youth theatre circles which could facilitate the process of self-identifi cation and be a form of group therapy. As part of the project, teachers and group carers interested in this form of activity were trained. Classes for youth were held in a range of subjects: dancing, singing, playing instruments and acting. Moreover, the beneficiaries also learned how to organise theatrical classes for young children with the involvement of the local artists. The concept and implementation of the project were delivered by Sanabel Theatre.

Project carried out by:

Office of the Representative of the Republic of Poland to the Palestinian National Authority in Ramallah


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