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Humanitarian aid transfer to Lebanon

Following Polish Government's declaration on aid to Lebanon at the Stockholm Donor Conference (August 2006), 55 portakabins were officially donated to local authorities in Tebnine, south Lebanon on March 7, 2007. The following officials took part in the ceremony: representative of the Lebanese Parliament - Mr. Ali Bazi; mayor of Tebnine - Mr. Fawwaz Asad; Chargé d΄affaires of the Polish Embassy in Beirut - Mr. Sławomir Krajczyński. Inhabitants of Tebnine were also present.

The portakabins had been shipped to Beirut and then transported to Tebnine at the end of February 2007. The official request for the portakabins had come directly from Mayor Assad Fawwaz through the Polish Embassy in Beirut after the bomb raids of the Israeli - Hizbollah conflict. The bombings caused complete or major damage to most of buildings in the city as it is situated in the vicinity of the Israeli - Lebanese border.

The portakabins donated to the people of Tebnine were purchased with humanitarian aid funds within the framework of Polish aid in 2006. The total amount spent by Poland on humanitarian aid in 2006 was PLN 6 million (over 1500 000 EUR), of which more than half was devoted to assistance to the Lebanese suffering as a result of the abovementioned conflict.

Activities connected with the reconstruction of Lebanon are the largest humanitarian effort  undertaken by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to date, both in terms of logistics and funding. The activities have exceeded the scope of a one-off shipment of necessary goods; they have been aimed at providing ongoing support for post-conflict recovery. Apart from purchasing and transporting the portakabins to Tebnine, the  MFA has financed or co-financed the following initiatives for Lebanon: buying emergency humanitarian aid (electricity generating sets, blankets, tents); organising visits of Lebanese children to Poland in September 2006 (in co-operation with Don Bosco Technique Filar); the IMPULS Project: "Assistance to local clinics and hospitals" carried out by the Polish Medical Mission; and the project „Improvement of water supply in Tiri and Rmaich" carried out by Polish Humanitarian Organisation.

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