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Humanitarian aid to Moldova, Peru, North Korea and China

In response to appeals for aid to the victims of the recent natural disasters in Moldova, North Korea, Peru and China, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has decided to grant assistance to the affected population.

The natural disaster caused by severe droughts has affected 84% of arable land in Moldova and has led to a massive crisis in agriculture - Moldova's most sensitive economy sector. The Government of Poland has allocated PLN 1 million to humanitarian aid for the Republic of Moldova. Poland is acting in response to the appeal by Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin during the extraordinary meeting with ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions held in Kishinev on July 26, 2007.

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will transfer USD 100,000 to finance humanitarian aid to victims of the August earthquake in Peru. The Polish financial assistance will be utilised to purchase staple goods (warm clothing, sleeping bags, tents and potable water) and will be transferred to the people of Peru through the Peruvian Red Cross.

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North Korea
Due to drastic food shortages after severe floods in North Korea, the Korean authorities appealed to the international community for aid on September 14, 2007. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will provide North Korea with assistance worth USD 50,000.

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Poland will provide China with humanitarian aid amounting to USD 40,000. The assistance will be directed to the victims of the recent floods by the Chinese Red Cross. The amount will serve the reconstruction of schools damaged by the recent floods as well as other humanitarian purposes.

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The financial resources for humanitarian aid come from the state budget's target reserve, administered by Development Co-operation Department of the MFA.

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