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Humanitarian aid for Haiti - 2010

Assistance for earthquake victims in Haiti

Poland's public humanitarian aid for Haiti to date has totaled EUR 1.5 million. On the basis of reports by international organizations operating on the ground, it was decided to provide assistance in the form of an autonomous, highly professional team of rescuers and immediate shipment of drugs and food. The Polish team of 54 rescue workers was incorporated into an international search group. In addition to searching through the rubble for survivors, the rescuers provided on-the-spot medical assistance to victims. Following aftershocks on January 18, the On-Site Operations Coordination Center (OSOCC) sent the Polish team into action in the region affected by the new quake.  On January 24 the Polish rescuers returned to Warsaw.

The funds  allocated for aid to the quake victims in Haiti consist of:

● aid in kind - including ca PLN 5 million as the cost of sending two aircraft  with a certified rescue team of 54 men, search dogs and heavy equipment, as well as drugs and food and

● aid in cash - total of PLN 700 thousand, including

- MFA contribution of USD 50 thousand to the International Red Cross,

- contribution of USD 200 thousand to the World Food Program, in consultation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The above aid does not include Polish contributions to the budgets of the European Union and the UN, aid funds collected by Polish NGOs and contributions by private individuals. Poland's total humanitarian for Haiti, including private donations, is estimated at EUR 3 million.

The EU announced the allocation of EUR 122 million (30 million from the European Commission and the rest contributed by member states) for humanitarian aid to earthquake victims in Haiti. The EC also intends to earmark EUR 100 million for mid-term development assistance to Haiti.  After the elaboration of a long-term Union reconstruction plan for Haiti, Poland will join in its implementation.

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