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Humanitarian aid 2013 - description of project

„Polish humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees in northern Lebanon”

Polish Center for International Aid (PCPM)

Since 2012 PCPM has been conducting long-term projects to support Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The main aim is to provide shelters for the refugees in the north-eastern part of Lebanon.

The whole PCPM project has been implemented in an innovative way - unconditional cash&vouchers. In this case financial aid is granted through pre-paid cards, loaded with a certain amount of money each month.

The aid is aimed at covering the rent and some minor repairs for 600 Syrian families. In addition, two playgrounds shall be built in the cities of Aidamoun and Bire. Selected Syrian refugees shall be engaged for this work under the PCPM cash for work program. The construction of the two playgrounds will have a positive impact both on the Syrian and the Lebanese population. The playgrounds will be a place for the integration of children from both nationalities, and a way to help the Syrian children to overcome the post-conflict trauma.

The PCPM project received "Polish aid" co-financing in the amount of PLN 1.962.768,00.


„The educational offer of Caritas for the children of Syrian refugees in Jordan”

Caritas Poland

Caritas Poland, in cooperation with Caritas Jordan, has been supporting municipal refugees in Jordan since 2012. The vast majority of the humanitarian aid is directed at the population in refugee camps, Syrians living in Jordanian cities are often deprived of that aid. Caritas is filling that gap with a program aimed at increasing the stability and quality of life of refugees through a diverse educational offer.

900 people benefit from the Caritas project. Among them, the largest group are students in danger of being expelled from the Jordanian educational system. Children and teenagers aged 6-14 have a chance to participate in educational activities that will give them equal chances. The second group of beneficiaries are disabled children, often excluded from the educational system. A therapeutical program has been designed for them. The actions of Caritas help to satisfy the fundamental human needs of the Syrian population and to prevent the social exclusion of refugees.

The project received "Polish aid" co-financing in the amount of PLN 637.245,00.

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