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Globally - locally - actively. Support for the development of non-formal global education in public libraries

Nowadays, libraries are actively engaged in carrying out educational tasks. So far, no programme has been developed specifically for librarians who want to implement global education. Except for projects addressed to the general public, in which they can take part together with other participants, there are no initiatives designed specifically for this professional group.

Librarians can benefit from a wide variety of options provided by non-formal education. They can engage in long-term work with children and young people through projects or other active-learning systems, since their classes can be adjusted to accommodate the participants’ needs. They are not bound by the core curriculum or 45-minute lessons and their classes can offer added value to formal education.

Globally - locally - actively. Support for the development of non-formal global education in public libraries

The project is addressed to librarians who organise educational activities in public libraries as part of their regular activity, and to primary school pupils who participate in library classes. It will be carried out throughout the country, from 15 May to 31 December 2014.

The project foresees the organisation of basic and ongoing trainings for librarians. The basic trainings are aimed at helping librarians carry out global education activities, while the ongoing trainings―at creating local non-formal education centres in public libraries. Each participant shall run global education classes during the Global Education Week.

Workshops for primary school pupils will also be organised. They will be aimed at familiarising children with the concept of global education, arousing their empathy and sensitising them to global interdependencies. Two supporting publications will be prepared under the project: a guidebook for librarians, and a comic book for children.

Globally - locally - actively. Support for the development of non-formal global education in public libraries

Within the scope of the project 3 three-days trainings were organized for librarians from whole the country, which were carried out on 15-17 September, 13-15 October and 3-5 November in District Public Library in Cracow. In total 54 people took part in trainings. Workshops participants could learn the independent way of carrying out classes on global education to make them attractive for children. Educational materials are available in Polish on a website.

All participants of the trainings were obliged to create an undertaking within the scope of Global Education Week 2014, for the benefit of promoting issues concerning global education, in the institute in which they work. Beneficiaries had the possibility to consult the projects with content-related consultant. Participants carried out 67 initiatives in Poland, in which approx. 1 000 people participated. Some of them have organized more than one initiative. The initiatives comprised various actions, inter alia city games, exhibitions and classes for students and seniors.

Within the framework of the projects, two publications were created: textbook for librarians and educational comic book. Publication for librarians consists of educational materials in two parts: theoretical, in which the most important issues of global education are described, and practical, comprising scripts of educational classes, as well as simulation game created for the purpose of the project, which forms proper consumer attitudes and concerns everyday choices made by children. The second publication was an educational comic book, in which the problems of development in the world were depicted as a one day of child’s life from waking up to falling asleep. The project implementers published 2 000 copies of both publications in total, which were distributed to training’s participants and sent to public libraries in Poland.

The project implementers also carried out 22 workshops for 432 students of primary schools in libraries, where beneficiaries of the project work, and in public libraries in the area of Małopolskie district. During each of the workshops, 2 trainers talked about global correlations, the division of the world on Global North and South, the problems with water and responsible consumption. The interest and engagement of the students was excited by using active methods of work and showing film materials.

Thanks to the project the knowledge of beneficiaries about functioning of today’s world and global correlations has raised. The trainings and educational materials, created within the framework of the project, will help to develop the learning of global education in Poland in the form of out-of-school education.