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Global education 2014-2015. Regranting for NGOs.

The project is addressed to Polish non-governmental organisations that are looking for ways to raise money for their global education activities, and, through re-granting, also to the general public (including children, school pupils and their parents, academic staff, students, employees and volunteers working for non-governmental organisations) living in villages and towns populated by less than 500,000 people across the country.

Issues relating to global education are rarely included in formal education programmes, and―in some areas―in informal education programmes. They are practically unknown to adult generations of Poles. The solutions proposed in the project (i.e. activities addressed to NGOs) will help local communities, non-governmental organisations and schools learn more about global education.

Global education 2014-2015. Regranting for NGOs.

The project will be carried out from 10 May to 31 December 2014. It will involve selecting and subsidising the best global education initiatives addressed to the general public, which will be carried out by non-governmental organisations in towns populated by less than 500,000 people. The project is divided into modules and so it will be continued in 2015.

Thanks to the project, organisations experienced in global education will have an opportunity to carry out their own initiatives and develop their own global education expertise. Organisations with less experience will obtain advisory and training support.

The non-governmental organisations that will take part in two editions of an open call for proposals for grants will be able to apply for grants of up to PLN 25,000. Approximately PLN 1m will be allocated to these grants. Information meetings for the applicants and meetings for the beneficiaries on how to implement contract provisions will be organised. The projects that have been selected will be monitored.

During the two years when the project will be implemented, training and advisory modules will be organised for organisations with little global education experience. These organisations will also obtain smaller grants that will be allocated based on closed calls for proposals. In 2014, the Education for Democracy Foundation is planning to organise a training and a call for proposals for grants of up to PLN 5,000. In 2015, the foundation will invite non-governmental organisations to participate in an introductory e-learning course about global education, as well as a traditional training. Next, it will launch a call for proposals for grants of up to PLN 10,000.

Global education 2014-2015. Regranting for NGOs.

For the purpose of promoting the project, Foundation has placed the information on website http://www.eg.edudemo.org.pl/ and social media profile of Foundation Education for Democracy (https://www.facebook.com/FundacjaEdukacjadlaDemokracji).  Moreover, on 10 and 11 June 2014 in Warsaw and Katowice, two informational and consultant meetings took place, in which 34 people in total got acquainted with the rules of open grant call for proposals.

Open grant call for proposals was announced on 23 May 2014. During a month (until 23 June) 137 proposals were submitted, from which 133 were directed to content-related evaluation. Call for proposals’ commission granted the donation to 21 proposals for PLN 477 769 in total.

From 5 to 7 September 2014 a training about global education took place, which 16 participants were chosen from 69 applications. Within the scope of the training, Foundation organized a lecture and presentation “Global North and Global South – the processes of development”. All of the participants declared raise in knowledge about global education and graded the usefulness of the classes as good. The completion of the workshops enabled the participants to take part in closed small grants call for proposal.

In small grants call for proposal 10 proposals were submitted, from which commission chose 9. Projects were implemented from 20 October to 30 November 2014. The other participants of the training, who did not participate in the call for proposals, declared the intention to join the call for proposals in 2015. For financing the small grants PLN 44 200 was allocated in total.

The Foundation has granted participants of small grant call for proposals support in the process of carrying out and evaluating the projects through direct contact and 3 e-learning courses about intellectual property law in the internet, evaluation of the projects as well as settlements and reporting of the projects. Approx. 20 participants benefited from the trainings. Foundation carried out meetings for grant receivers of open (9 September 2014) and closed (27 October 2014) calls for proposals, during which they explained the rules of implementing and evaluating the project as well as quality in global education.

In October and November project implementer carried out 9 visits monitoring the process of project implementation. She stated that vast majority of the projects were held on a high level and expected results were achieved. Only two projects were graded as drifting away from the established criteria.

In total 30 project actions were implemented, in which approx. 10 500 Poles, who come from cities and town where there is less than 500 thousand inhabitants, participated. The descriptions of carried out projects are available in Polish on the website http://eg.edudemo.org.pl/poprzednie-edycje/zrealizowane-projekty.