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Georgian, Moldovan, and Ukrainian diplomats visit Polish MFA

On Monday, 22nd June, Deputy Minister Konrad Pawlik and Ambassador Katarzyna Skórzyńska inaugurated a training programme for diplomats from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The event took place at the Polish Institute of Diplomacy.

During the meeting, Deputy Minister Konrad Pawlik underscored the role the Eastern Partnership countries play in Poland’s foreign policy. He also discussed key issues in those countries’ relations with the European Union.

On Tuesday, the study group met with MFA Press Spokesman Marcin Wojciechowski and Press Office Director Michał Safianik. The participants talked about strategic communication, new media, the nature of a press office’s work, and best practices. Moreover, Press Office staff members presented the Polska.pl website as a tool of promoting Poland. “We’ve been offered many new ideas, and we’ll use them to bolster our country’s global image,” said an attendee from Ukraine.

The Polish Institute of Diplomacy’s project is addressed to diplomats who work as press officers and are responsible for media relations in their home countries or at diplomatic missions abroad. Its aim is to make participants adept at cooperating with the media, reacting to emergencies, and creating the country image. The programme consists of six days of classes, lectures, workshops, meetings and videoconferences run by Polish and foreign diplomats and experts.

Seventeen diplomats from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine are taking part in the training.

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