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European Endowment for Democracy - application process launched

Since mid-August 2013 the European Endowment for Democracy (EED) has been accepting applications for support aiming at fostering and encouraging democratization and deep and sustainable democracy in the European Neighbourhood. As of July 1st, the EED’s Secretariat, managed by Executive Director - ambassador Jerzy Pomianowski, is operating in Brussels. The Endowment which has being created since 2011 is ready to take up first activities.

The EED will provide rapid and flexible assistance to pro-democracy actors, organizations and movements, including young leaders, independent media and online activists. The Endowment will cooperate with local and international partners with the view to support those pro-democratic actors who encounter with difficulties while applying for assistance (ex. due to formal constraints).

The EED will provide assistance in an ongoing manner. The applications will be accepted online via the EED’s website in English, Arabic, French and Russian. The first financial decisions will be taken by the end of September.

More information on the EED and its activities can be found on http://democracyendowment.eu/.

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