Polska pomoc


Educational activities for children in care in the orphanage in Bello, in Columbia

In the time period between June 15th and November 30th 2010 Pallotine Missionary Foundation Salvatti.pl in cooperation with Society of Catholic Apostolate executed a project as a part of which a volunteer during her 3-months long (July 14th – October 13th) stay in Orphanage in Bello in Columbia conducted classes aimed at equalisation of educational opportunities and assurance of providing children with a full cycle of primary education.

The orphanage in Bello takes care of 23 children from the poorest families. They stay there during the week and spend weekends in the homes of their parents or legal guardians. They are children in ages from 7 to 16 years. The orphanage creates an opportunity for normal life, proper development and fulfilment of compulsory education for them.

The objective of the project was to broaden the knowledge and abilities of those children, to equalise educational disadvantages, to develop artistic and manual skills, as well as improving their physical and mental fitness and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Hence, the volunteer conducted workshops of decorative techniques – decoupage, aerobics, compensatory classes for children with learning difficulties (reading, writing, numeracy).

Physical activities were carried out daily on the court, compulsory classes in the common room, and decoupage workshops in so-called art corner – a separate room, where children learned different art techniques under the guidance of teachers and developed their artistic and manual talents.

In addition to these activities the volunteer helped in the works resulting from the current need of the institution, for example homework assistance meetings and teaching the basics of English language. At the request of staff she also conducted aerobics classes for adults.

As a part of broadening the knowledge about the world the volunteer shaped the correct image of Poland and Poles in the eyes of Colombians. She described Polish culture and traditions to them, as well as the living conditions of their Polish peers. In the evening the children read polish legends translated into Spanish by which they improved their reading skills. The volunteer also showed the children slides of polish landscapes (especially popular were the winter landscapes, which the little Colombians have never seen before).