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Drought no longer dreadful for residents of Nawur District in Afghanistan

Nawur is a mountainous district in Ghazni Province. Agriculture is the main way for poor residents to make a  living. Every year they challenge problems connected with water: in spring they have to deal with floods, in summer - with droughts. 

Due to severe Afghan climate as early as in June the valleys covered with plants transform into a stony desert. A short vegetative period causes the crops of local residents to be sufficient only for covering current needs. It often happens that they run out of stock in winter and because of impassible roads there is no way of providing them with additional supplies. In order to improve living standards of district residents, Polish members of the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in Ghazni carry out a project consisting in constructing a dam. Supplies of water gathered thanks to it will allow to irrigate local fields and therefore increase crops. Droughts will no longer be so harmful and increased crops will enable gathering additional supplies for winter period.

The dam will be built in one of the valleys which so far has been a route connecting neighboring villages. In order to ensure a safe passage between the villages, a new pavement  will be constructed, which will be much shorter than the current one.

The works are almost completed. Residents are happy not only because of the new structure. Another reason for them being satisfied is that some of them were employed for the construction purposes and therefore were able to increase small incomes of their families.

Project no. 836/2011 entitled “Dam in Tal Bulagh valley in Nawur District”, which budget amounts to PLN 425,066,is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the framework of the Polish Development Cooperation Programme for the year 2011.    

More information on projects carried out by the PRT can be found at http://www.isaf.wp.mil.pl/pl/123.html.

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