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Conference on Polish development cooperation plans in Moldova

Its participants were the heads of Polish diplomatic missions in Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. The conference also brought together representatives of Solidarity Fund PL and the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development.

The conference focused on discussing Poland's activities and position in the area of official development aid (ODA), 2019 development cooperation plans in EaP and Central Asia countries, Poland's involvement in Joint Programming, and recommendations following from evaluation of the Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme 2016-2020.

The participants had an opportunity to visit the sites of projects in Ungheni region that concern the implementation of approach to developing the local LEADER programme through the Information Centre for Local Authorities of Moldova. The delegation also reviewed the progress of revitalisation projects run with support from the Polish Ministry of Investment and Economic Development. These projects are being carried out as part of Moldova's National Regional Development Strategy for 2016-2020 in the area of municipal and urban development policy.

The meeting participants learned about the results of joint projects between the Polish Border Guard and the Moldovan Border Police. Another point on the agenda was a meeting at the Information and Education Centre in the village of Radenii, which opened on 12 October with a mission of developing rural tourism in the Beech Country National Park.

The conference concluded with a discussion on the results of development cooperation and the planned activities for the next year.


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