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Civil Palestine

The project was a joint undertaking of Tischner European University and partner organisation Palestinian Vision, operating on the territory of Palestinian Autonomy. The first phase of the project's implementation was training designed for the local trainers-volunteers in free time management for children and young people, problem identification and solving, carrying out civil initiatives and European Union fundraising. In the following phase of the project, the knowledge gained by the trainers was passed on to the students during the workshops which aimed at developing and utilising of the potential of young leaders from the area of Hebron, Bethlehem and East Jerusalem. A group of 10 most actively involved participants of the training visited Kraków and took part in other workshops, meetings and the conference on the future of Palestine entitled "Vision of Palestine". In addition, project activities included the organisation of the Polish Day in Ramallah where a Polish-Palestinian friendly fencing tournament was held (for both men and women). The initiative was ended with a festival in Bethlehem where all project activities were presented.

Project carried out by:
Tischner European University

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