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Change Your Shoes: Starting point of the way to an ethical and sustainable shoe supply chain.

The most important outcome of this project was increasing public awareness and knowledge, especially among young people, of social and environmental problems in footwear production in the countries of the global South and of possible solutions. Another important outcome was supporting the potential of multiplier groups (teachers, journalists, NGOs) by facilitating access to educational and information materials on responsible footwear consumption and production.

A report (“Step by step... How do shoe companies ensure human rights?”), brochures (“Made in China: An analysis of the Chinese leather and footwear industry” and “Made in India: The violation of employee rights in the leather and footwear industry in India”), an educational game and a leaflet produced as part of the project were the first materials in Poland dealing with this issue. The materials were widely distributed to schools, NGOs, students, activists, journalists and interested consumers.

Educational campaigns in schools and at public events and a related information campaign in social and conventional media had a significant impact on consumer awareness. Considerable emphasis was placed on increasing the personal engagement of Polish consumers, especially young people, in actions supporting the responsible consumption and production of footwear.

The social media campaign enjoyed great popularity. A large number of people responded to, and commented on, posts, and also shared information. Total coverage exceeded 1 million viewers, with many people expressing interest in future campaigns, thus paving the way for further campaign activities in 2017.

All publications were made available at http://www.ekonsument.pl/buty and were widely promoted by mail as well as social and conventional media.