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Campaign "It's a matter of life and death"

Health Care in Danger: It’s a matter of life and death

“It’s a matter of life and death” is a joint project of the ICRC, EC and seven EU countries

Violence against health-care workers, facilities and beneficiaries is one of the most serious, yet often overlooked contemporary humanitarian challenges.

Violence against health care is not a recent phenomenon. In recent years the nature of armed conflict has changed, and one consequence of this is that the scope of violence has widened. Most of the victims of the traditional warfare of the past were military personnel: soldiers and medical staff. Today however, increasingly civilians and civilian medical services are becoming victims. During periods of armed violence, providing health care can become an extraordinarily hazardous undertaking beset by difficulties and threats to safety.

“It’s a matter of life and death” is a part of an IRCR-led global initiative called the Health Care in Danger, carried out in cooperation with the European Commission and seven EU Member States, including Poland. The action aims at improving the safety and effectiveness of medical staff during armed conflicts.

The campaign will be divided into two parts and take place in seven European capitals. Billboards based on sets of visuals aiming to raise awareness about the importance of the issue will be displayed in the cities, focusing on danger and explain the causes of death. The second phase will start in December and will comprise of a set of visuals aiming to raise awareness of concrete actions in the field, focusing on solutions and histories of people, who survived owing to the intervention of medical staff.

For more information about the project please visit the ICRC website.

Read about the final part of the campaign.

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