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Campaign "It's a matter of life and death" - continuation

The last part of the campaign “It’s a matter of life and death”, a joint project of the International Red Cross Committee and Red Crescent Movement, the European Commission and seven EU Member States, including Poland, has been launched. It strives to improve security as well as to make it possible to provide medical services in armed conflicts and other dangerous situations.

Due to omnipresent violence in armed conflicts, medical staff cannot function efficiently. Civilians or participants of clashes often die not as a result of diseases or mortal wounds but due to lack of opportunity to use medical help on time. The purpose of the project “It’s a matter of life and death” is to show the importance of this problem.

During the first part of the campaign, the billboards presenting victims of armed conflicts and the reasons of their death, appeared in cities. During the second part of the campaign, which was launched in December and will last until 2015, the billboards showing stories of people who managed to survived due to the help of medical services can be seen in seven European capital cities (Brussels, Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris, London, Berlin and Warsaw).

The photographs are also available on the following websites: http://ec.europa.eu/echo/news/2013/icrc_healthcare_in_danger_en.htm and http://www.icrc.org/eng/resources/documents/feature/2013/12-04-health-care-in-danger-posters.htm.

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