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Call for essays

We kindly invite all higher education students enrolled in private and public universities to participate in this call for essays that constitutes a part of the series "Poland is a paradise" entitled: "Challenges of international co-operation for development assistance".

The topic of the essay should be related to one of the following areas:

  • Assistance provided to countries undergoing political, economic and social transformation.
  • Co-operation for development in the context of cultural diversity.
  • Polish role and position in the world's development assistance system.
  • Process of social awareness building and support strengthening for the cause of development assistance in Poland.
  • Millennium Development Goals - experiences and perspectives for their implementation.

Essays, together with a duly fulfilled APLICATION FORM, as well as an official student status confirmation from the corresponding faculty offices of the university of origin of a student taking part in the call for essays should be e-mailed to esej-ikr@uw.edu.pl. The deadline is November 26, 2006.

The organisers of the call for essays are:

  • Development Co-operation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Institute of Regional and Global Studies of the Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies of Warsaw University (Former Institute of Developing Countries)
  • Office of the United Nations Development Programme in Poland

Additional information about the call for essays can be found at: http://www.ikr.uw.edu.pl/, http://www.undp.org.pl/

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