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Azerbaijan ranks 87th in the UNDP Human Development Index, which annually monitors the socio-economic development of countries around the world. Since gaining independence in 1991, Azerbaijan has been in conflict with Armenia over the Mountainous Karabagh located on the Armenian-Azeri border, as a result of which 750 thousand people were resettled, 7 thousand Armenians and 11 thousand Azeri people died, 20 and 30 thousand respectively were injured. Since the official truce was reached in 1994, the country has begun the process of economic stabilisation. Focus on oil and gas export allowed Azerbaijan to become one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world. Polish multiannual development cooperation with Azerbaijan has a diversified character; it encompasses development of rural areas, environmental protection and support of people internally resettled. 


Actions in 2013

In 2013 one research institute project was implemented in Azerbaijan, for the amount of PLN 119 499. Additionally 5 projects were undertaken in the framework of the Small Grants System for the total value of EUR 73 000 (see full list).

In 2013 Polish development cooperation activity in Azerbaijan centered on the following priority:

  • Agriculture and development of rural areas (1 project PLN 119 499)
    Actions aiming at the strengthening and increasing the number of associations of small agricultural producers, the professionalization of the marketing system of agricultural products and agricultural consulting, as well as the professional and social development of rural communities.

Program Eastern Partnership Academy of Public Administration (EPAPA)

In 2013 Azerbaijani officials were invited to take part in the next edition of the Eastern Partnership Academy of Public Administration, which aims at the strengthening of public administration in the Eastern Partnership countries through the organization of specialized courses for officials from partner states. The goal is to create a professional public administration personnel in the Eastern Partnership countries, which shall serve as a base of experts assisting in the implementation of the principles of a democratic state with the rule of law. 

The academy was conducted in cooperation with the National School of Public Administration (KSAP) and devoted to the issue of civil service.

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Actions in 2012

In 2012, two LGU/NGO projects and 1 administration project was implemented in Azerbaijan totalling PLN 449 824 and four projects in the framework of the Small Grants System amounting to EUR 128 300 (see full list).

Polish assistance to Azerbaijan in 2012 focused on following priorities:

  • rural development (1 project – PLN 119,900)
    Actions were aimed, in particular, at: implementing elements of effective and efficient agricultural advisory services, professional and social activation of the population, development of innovative technologies based on alternative sources of energy and energy-saving technologies.
  • environmental protection  (2 projects – PLN 329,924)
    actions were aimed, in particular, at: implementing new mechanisms of local community cooperation for the sake of environmental protection, strengthening social groups engaged in environmental protection activities, counteracting the degradation of the natural environment and climate change, elimination of threats of contamination with toxic substances and hazardous waste, enhancing preparedness of the state and the local communities for coping with natural disasters and reducing the risk of their occurrence.

In addition, as part of the call for proposals organised by the Solidarity Fund PL, three projects were implemented with co-financing amounting to PLN 173,420.

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