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Assistance to children in Syria


This project was directed towards disabled children, victims of landmines in particular, who remain under the care of the Khan Arnabeh Health Centre located in the zone supervised by the UNDOF. This region is counted among the poorest areas in Syria. The difficult situation of its inhabitants is further aggravated by the fact that following the establishment of the buffer zone in the Golan Heights in 1973 several families were separated from their relatives by a provisional border between Syria and Israel. Local farmers living on the Syrian side of the border cannot fully utilise their own farmland due to landmines planted in the region in the 70s. It is not uncommon that in the course of clearing mine fields or routine farming activities people, many children among them, sustain serious injuries. Since the relevant social services cannot meet the ever mounting demand, the Polish diplomatic mission in Damascus in partnership with the Polish Military Contingent stationed in the Golan Heights purchased 28 wheelchairs for children and young adults to supply the local health centre (in Khan Arnabeh).


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