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A co-working centre opens in Belarus

A co-working centre has been launched during a fair of Belarusian rural enterprises taking place at the Kolodischi Business Incubator.

The centre was designed as a space for individual and collaborative work and its rented premises were equipped to serve as a dressmaker’s shop. Its purpose is to create conditions in which women from Belarus’s rural areas can develop their businesses.

The opening ceremony was attended by Belarusian Deputy Economy Minister Dzmitry Matusevich and a representative of the Polish Embassy in Minsk. “It is places like the Kolodischi Incubator that make private business in Belarus a reality,” said Minister Matusevich. “We are genuinely grateful to Poland for its assistance and support for the Incubator,” he added. Explaining the undertaking in more detail, Kolodischi Business Incubator Director Sergey Naidovich said, “As part of the project, this year we opened a co-working centre for women and children. Ladies will be able to sew using professional machines that were bought under the grant, while students will pursue handicrafts and sewing as a business model.”

Handcrafts presented at the local handicraft fair @ Polish Embassy in Belarus

The centre is a collaborative effort of the Podlaska Regional Development Foundation, the Kolodischi Business Incubator, and the Polish Embassy in Minsk. So far, it has been possible to buy sewing machines and equipment dressmakers need for their work. Moreover, the premises were adapted to host workshops about sewing and dressmaking techniques, and seminars were organized to look at ways of fostering entrepreneurship in rural areas.

The local handicraft fair at Kolodischi near Minsk was an opportunity to promote the Business Incubator and the co-working centre among a wide audience. It also featured a presentation about good practices in rural entrepreneurship. The project has been co-funded under the Polish Aid programme.


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