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Women's Entrepreneurship Centres in Kosovo

Women's Entrepreneurship Centres in Kosovo. Supporting economic development of Dukagjini region

The project was aimed at increasing the capacity of local partners from the Dukagjini region in the field of selftraining and initiatives to stimulate the economic activity and independence of women seeking employment. Moreover, the project's objective was to strengthen the capacity of women in management and development of their businesses and their impact on the development of Kosovo. A series of training courses dedicated to business planning and addressed to trainers from Kosovo was carried out. Subsequently, the knowledge was passed on through the trainers' work in the region. The pilot programme of Women's Economic Activity Centres in Kosovo was carried out and training in co-operation with foreign partners and financial issues was conducted as part of the programme. In addition, a series of seminars on EU funds for entrepreneurs and local governments were organised. A new edition of the fair of products made by women "Made in  Kosovo" in Pristina and the "Best businesswoman in 2008" contest was conducted. The outcome of the implemented activities was strengthening the social and economic position of women in Kosovo.

Project carried out by:
Partners Poland Foundation

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