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5th Forum of Polish development co-operation - programme


The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

has the plesure to invite you to

the Fifth Polish Development Cooperation Forum


10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The Warsaw University Library
56/66 Dobra Street


The Forum – the biggest event of its kind in Poland – is an annual gathering organized by the MFA to raise awareness among Polish society with regard to measures undertaken by Poland to help developing countries and tackle development challenges.






10:00-10:15 Inauguration of the Fifth Polish Development Cooperation Forum


10:15-10:30 Presentation of the publication “Poland’s Development Cooperation. 2011 Annual Report”


10:30-10:45 Press conference of Minister for Development and MFA Undersecretary of State Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz



11:00-11:15 Keynote speech: The democracy agenda as part of Poland’s foreign policy
  MFA Undersecretary of State Jerzy Pomianowski


11:15-12:45 Using Poland’s transition experience in development cooperation
  Debate on ways of using Poland’s transformation experiences to benefit countries in transition
  Asma Cherifi, chairwoman of the TACID association grouping over 150 Non-Governmental Organizations in Tunisia
  Konrad Niklewicz, undersecretary of state in the Ministry for Regional Development
  Krzysztof Stanowski, chairman of the Solidarity Fund PL
  Svetlana Rogov, head of International Relations and Investment Division in the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Republic of Moldova
  Moderator: Karolina Lewicka, TVP journalist


13:45-14:15 Presentation of the report on monitoring Polish Development Cooperation in 2011 prepared by Zagranica Group - association of Polish NGOs involved in international development cooperation, democracy support and humanitarian aid (NGDOs)
  Justyna Janiszewska, member of the board of Zagranica Group
  Monika Matus, member of Zagranica Group
  Izabela Wilczyńska, member of Polish Humanitarian Action
  Comment: Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz, undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


14:15-15:45 Modernizing Poland’s development cooperation system
  Debate on Poland’s development cooperation framework in light of the adoption of the Development Cooperation Act, key deficiencies and directions for change.
  Paweł Bagiński, deputy president of managing board of the Global Development Research Group
  Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz, undersecretary of state in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  Paweł Samecki, director of the Foreign Department in the National Bank of Poland
  Moderator: Paweł Wojciechowski, Permanent Representative of Poland to the OECD


14:15-15:45 Polish development aid: new possibilities for Polish companies
  During the debate, representatives of the business community and organizations actively involved in providing aid to developing countries will discuss ways of getting companies involved in Polish development aid.
  Jacek Adamski, PKPP Lewiatan, member of the Development Cooperation Policy Council to the Minister of Foreign Affairs
  Przemysław Pohrybieniuk, director for foreign relations at Danone Polska, member of the board
  Piotr Wikarek, representative of the Navegadores association, member of the board
  Robert Zduńczyk, chairman of the Poland East-Africa Economic Foundation
  Moderator: Małgorzata Bonikowska, managing Partner at THINKTANK, publisher of the THINKTANK magazine




Educational workshops for youth and adults
Organized and carried out by NGO's

Presentation of solar panels and the situation in South Sudan – Polish Centre for International Aid Foundation.
  The workshop will focus on the use of PV (photovoltaics) to provide lighting to health centres, thus enabling around-the-clock medical care in South Sudan. Workshop hosts will outline the socio-economic situation in South Sudan, describe the way photovoltaics work and how they store and generate energy, and show how photovoltaics affects people and the environment in the region.


A step forward in Lima – Salesian Voluntary Missions “Youth to the World”.
  Workshop participants will be able to learn about everyday problems of street children in Lima. They will take part in a quiz and watch the documentary "Mamma Lima".


Match the word with the language and country – Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service - Youth For The World.
  By playing a game based on matching words with the language and country in which they are used, participants will experience the linguistic and cultural diversity of Africa.


Playing instruments from South America and Africa – Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service - Youth For The World.


Educational workshops for children 
Organized and carried out by NGOs

Cuentacuentos – a different story altogether. Storytelling and workshops for children – Papaya Foundation.
  Children taking part in the workshops will listen to Peruvian tales and legends and learn about the lives of their peers in Peru. They will be invited to create postcards to be given or sent to their loved ones, telling them what they have learned about the everyday lives of Peruvian children.


African toys – toy-making workshop, solving African puzzles – Hear Africa Foundation.
  Just like kids in Poland, children in Uganda or Zambia love to play. Since they often cannot afford to buy toys, they make their own. Workshop participants will get a chance to make toys by using wire and old balls. The workshop will be accompanied by a demonstration of toys made by kids in Africa and a quest to solve a puzzle depicting African toys.


Educational game zone for the whole family
Organized and carried out by NGOs, volunteers and MFA Poland


In the game zone guests will broaden their knowledge of the geography, history and living conditions on various continents. By spanning the different global regions, players will gain knowledge, points, and prizes.


Crossing the jungle – board game – Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service - Youth For The World.


Around the world in 80 questions – board game – Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service - Youth For The World.


Pottery workshops – Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service - Youth For The World.

Participants will have the chance to learn about pottery techniques and make souvenirs and jewellery from clay. With the help of an expert potter, they will create animal figurines, houses, dishes, and jewellery.


Food Force – educational computer game developed by the World Food Programme. Players are part of a team tasked with providing food to a fictional Indian Ocean island – Sheylan, rebuilding destroyed buildings and organizing an effective healthcare system.


Volunteering zone
Organized and carried out by Polish Aid volunteers and MFA Poland

11:00-11:45 Among the red peaks (Bolivia) multimediapresentation by volunteer Karolina Chromczak, who will share her experience from working at the children’s home in Tupiza, Bolivia and depict the country and its inhabitants.


12:00-12:45 Being a woman in Ghana – tales of (un)usual women, not just for women – multimediaworkshop carried out by volunteer Eliza Zadłużna. Workshop participants will get a chance to step into the shoes of African women and confront their ideas with real life. A book entitled “Voices of Women” will be distributed to the participants.


Packing your bags, or what a volunteer really needs, and what just takes up precious room in your luggage?
  Volunteer Karol Mitura will explain what one must pack when leaving to work abroad on a volunteering project and why.


13:00-13:45 Becoming a Polish Aid volunteer?
  The question will be answered by representatives of the MFA’s Development Cooperation Department as well as by former Polish Aid volunteers. Alicja and Włodzimierz Brauer, who worked as physiotherapy volunteers in Malawi, will share their experiences with all those interested in volunteering abroad.


14:00-14:45 Multimedia library with a view of Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) – multimedia presentation by Karol Mitura, who will share his experience as a volunteer IT specialist who helped set up a multimedia library in Moshi (Tanzania) used by both local teachers and schoolchildren.


15:00-15:45 Teacher-pedagogue at the Education Centre in Nkhotakota (Malawi) – multimedia presentation by volunteer Agnieszka Górna, who will talk about her work as a volunteer teacher at the Education Centre in Nkhotakota(Malawi) and describe the joys and problems of schools in Africa.


Radio broadcasts

  Radio broadcasts about Polish development cooperation projects made available at listening posts equipped with headphones (in particular reports created in cooperation with Polish Radio and Radio TOK FM).


Humanitarian zone

  The State Fire Service Search and Rescue Group will allow participants to test rescue equipment used in disaster zones and get to know Bono and Bakcyl – dogs used in emergency rescue work.


  The UNHCR (Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) will showcase a white tent like those used around the world to help refugees. Inside the tent, participants will get a chance to play a computer game entitled “My Life as a Refugee”


Film – screening of documentary films about Polish development projects implemented in developing countries

11:00-11:45 Let There Be Peace and Bread (Georgia).
  Written and directed by Mateusz Mularski, Urszula Laskowska; produced by HumanDoc Foundation, 34 min.
  The film talks about a culture and education centre in a Georgian village situated right on the border with South Ossetia.


11:45-12:30 You Deserve to Know (Kenya).
  Written and directed by Tomasz Bułhak, Dolphine Emali; produced by Poland-East Africa Economic Foundation, 39 min.
  The film talks about social initiatives undertaken by the inhabitants of the biggest slum w Nairobi.


12:30-13:15 Fencers for Palestine (Palestinian National Authority).
  Written and directed by Mateusz Mularski, Urszula Laskowska; produced by Multimedia Bank, 31 min.
  A film about Palestinian youth in Ramallah training fencing with the help of Polish coaches.


13:15-14:00 Boys from Nueva Cúa (Venezuela).
  Written and directed by Mateusz Mularski, Urszula Laskowska; produced by HumanDoc Foundation, 24 min.
  The film depicts the story of a sports club in a Venezuelan favela ruled by rival gangs.




Workshops for MFA partners*

10:30-12:00 Educational component in development projects – best practices
  The goal of the workshop is to raise the competences of participants in the field of planning global education components in development and volunteering projects financed by the MFA. During the workshop, participants will learn about the concept and key principles of global education, and get to know examples of best practices.
  Elaborated and carried out by Justyna Janiszewska, Education for Democracy Foundation


12:15-13:45 Human rights-based approach in development projects
  The goal of the workshop is to familiarise the participants with key issues linked to human rights-based approach in development projects, in particular with practical guidelines concerning the implementation of development projects. The presentation will showcase specific implementation tools available to NGOs, as well as examples of using these tools in the field work.
  Elaborated and carried out by Marcin Wojtalik and Kordian Kochanowicz, Institute of Global Responsibility


14:00-15:45 Turning development projects into interesting news
  The goal of the workshop is to broaden knowledge and the ability to cooperate with the media in order to better promote projects implemented within Poland’s development cooperation programme. Workshop participants will learn how newsrooms work, which newsroom staff to talk to, and how to draft press reports.
  Elaborated and carried out by Piotr Bazylko, Media & Doradztwo Sp. z o.o.

* prior registration required. More information (in Polish).


Ministry of Foreign Affairs information booth

10:00-16:30 MFA Development Cooperation Department staff will inform about the ways in which Poland provides development assistance in the world, and how to cooperate with the MFA.


Photography exhibition

  “Faces of Volunteering” exhibition –  Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  Photos from projects implemented in the framework of the Polish Aid Volunteering scheme.


  “Lens on Development” exhibition – Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  Photos awarded in the MFA’s Lens on Development photography contest.


  “Because Every Human Being Countsexhibition – Poland-East Africa Economic Foundation
  The photos depict the stories of six people and projects implemented by the Foundation in the framework of the Polish aid programme between 2008 and 2011.


  “A Midwife in the World of Sukuma Women” – Society of African Missions, Charity and Voluntary Centre "SOLIDARNI"
  Photos depicting the work of lay missionary Monika Nowicka as part of a project implemented in the framework of the 2011 Polish Aid Volunteering scheme.


Fair Trade Products

11:00-15:30 Fair Trade Cafe


Ethnic cuisine

11:30-15:30 Mexican and Georgian cuisine


Dance shows and workshops

15:45-16:00 Dance show and workshop
  Dancers from The Siren Society ensemble will present dance routines with elements of flamenco, Roma dance and drum solo – dance accompanying music performed solely on drums. The routine will also include a group improvisation in the American Tribal Style, a modern fusion of belly dance with elements of flamenco and Indian dance.


16:00-16:15 Bolivian Tinku dance show and workshop

Polish aid volunteers Alicja Trzaska and Karolina Chromczak will present a Bolivian Tinku dance routine, complete with traditional costume show, basic routine workshop, and obviously a group dance!


16:15-16:30 Ethnic dance show and workshop
  The Siren Society dance ensemble. 


Admission free




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