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15 Polish Aid volunteers to go to Africa

Fifteen volunteers from Poland will go to Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia to work on eight health care and education projects.

The Polish MFA has trained persons qualified to leave. Completion of the training was a pre-requisite to go ahead with the planned initiatives aimed at improving the situation of local communities. It was held in Warsaw’s Agrykola Park on 10-12 May and delivered by experienced trainers and experts.

The training prepared the volunteers for living and working in the different cultures of African countries. They discussed the guidelines of Polish development assistance. An important topic included defining the duties and rights of a Polish Aid volunteer. The volunteers talked about the requirements that development aid they are about to provide should fulfil. They also discussed the qualities of successful medical and educational initiatives as well as potential threats to security and health and how to prevent them.

We congratulate them on the willingness and courage to become volunteers. We keep our fingers crossed for the success of the projects.

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