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“The gift of life.” Medical care for woman and mothers with children with a special attention to perinatal care for mothers with AIDS and coming from the risk group around Bugisi Mission - Tanzania

In time period between June 18th and December 31st 2010 The Society of African Missions, Charity and Voluntary Centre "SOLIDARNI" in cooperation with Bugisi Mission, SMA – Tanzania executed a project in the field of health care, aimed at women living in the neighborhood of Mission Bugisi. The project was created in response to the demand indicated by the missionary clinic in Bugisi in the Shinyanga region in north Tanzania, area mainly inhabited by the Sukuma tribe, the biggest tribe among 120 Tanzanian tribes.

The project provided health care for women and mothers with children, with special emphasis on prenatal and postnatal care for mothers with AIDS and within the risk groups. The project activities were carried out in a clinic in Bugisi where the volunteer performed ultrasound examinations for pregnant women and assisted them in childbirth, as well as participated in visits in surrounding villages twice a week, during which her tasks were: vaccination of children, conducting pharmacotherapy for mothers with infants and children up to 5 years of age, distributing antiretroviral medicine for HIV/AIDS to the ill, caring for infants born to mothers suffering from AIDS, conducting community interviews among women in the risk groups and encouraging them to undergo check-ups at the local clinic. As a part of the outbound clinic the volunteer participated in the two trips to the village of lepers ( November 3rd, December 1st ) as well, where she visited the sick, tended the wounds, and distributed pharmaceutical medicine. Furthermore, the volunteer participated once a week in workshops carried out in high schools and primary schools where she talked about hygiene, and the dangers and prevention of AIDS.