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World-Class Teaching - Global Learning in subject teaching in secondary schools

The project builds on the success of a three-year-long programme called “World-class teaching” (co-funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2013 and 2014), and makes it possible to extend the programme’s scope.

The project is addressed to middle school teachers, including teachers-multiplicators, methodology consultants, head teachers, and representatives of publishing houses. The project’s strategy and specific forms of support are based on a detailed needs analysis conducted as part of a base-line study in 2013.

While global education is part of the core curriculum of selected school subjects, it can be pursued by introducing a global perspective into all classes. To make sure students’ attitudes change for good, it is necessary to bring them in regular contact with global themes, and to work on these topics. This kind of regularity can only be guaranteed by sets of materials created for specific subjects (e.g. global perspective during Polish language lessons), rather than thematic materials (i.e. international trade at school). Such materials were created by teachers themselves with support of the Centre for Citizenship Education Foundation at early stages of the project. They have been very well received by teachers who use them, but the initial run of copies has nearly run out. The proposed project envisages a reissue of these publications, which will go to teachers who are interested in using them.

World-Class Teaching - Global Learning in subject teaching in secondary schools

The project will be carried out between 7 July and 31 December 2015 by the Centre for Citizenship Education Foundation. It is addressed to middle school teachers, especially of such subjects as civic education, history, Polish, English, art, and biology, as well as to methodology consultants, head teachers and textbook publishers.

The project will start by reissuing global education publications addressed to teachers of the listed subjects. These materials have been receiving very good reviews for being of high educational value, drawing on the core curriculum, and fitting in with school reality. The reissued edition will feature additional content, including elements of global education and methodology materials for teachers that will help them create their own quality aids on the subject of global education.

The reissued edition will be distributed among close to 2,500 teachers and head teachers. Training sessions will be organized for 16 teachers-multiplicators with global education experience, 60 teachers, and 50 methodology consultants who will be reaching out to other teachers in the course of their work. Moreover, the global education concept, good practices, and educational materials will be presented to 50 head teachers and representatives of publishing houses. Students who will take part in classes on global interdependencies, will indirectly benefit from the project too. The project envisages approximately 2,500 classes that will be attended by close on 50,000 students.

World-Class Teaching - Global Learning in subject teaching in secondary schools

In line with the adopted schedule, the project was carried out between 7 July and 31 December 2015.

The project authors reissued 6 educational publications, adding new materials and methodology guidelines (1,800 copies), and commissioned the print of additional global education brochures (300 copies). The publications and the brochure were made available in the print and electronic forms to 3,117 teachers.

11 people, out of the expected 16, attended weekend workshops for teachers-multiplicators with more experience in the field of global education. The conference moderated by teachers-multiplicators attracted 97 participants (out of the expected 60), with 61 methodology consultants (out of the expected 50) having taken part in one-day workshops on the global education concept. Also, 69 people (out of the expected 50) were introduced to the global education concept during meetings with head teachers and publishers of school textbooks.

The results of the project were presented during three international events devoted to global education:

  • 8th Annual TEESNet Conference in Liverpool, Great Britain, “From Curriculum Makers to World Shapers” (9.07.2015)
  • NECE Conference: “Us’ and ‘Them’: Citizenship Education in an Interdependent World” in Thessaloniki, Greece (22-24.10.2015)
  • 3rd Global Education Congress in Zagreb, Croatia (26-28.11.2015)