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World does not close the illness: volunteer work for disabled in Georgia. Continuation.

In the project implemented between 15 June and 31 December 2012 pin Tbilisi (Georgia) participated two volunteers, who stayed in Tbilisi respectively from 18 July until 20 December, and from 28 August until 20 December. The coordinator of the project was the Polish Medical Mission, and the local partner was the Georgian branch of the Order of Regular Clerks Ministers to the Sick (Camillians). The beneficiaries of the project were the patients of the centres run by the Order.

The project involved the continuation of work started in previous years, and the inclusion of the volunteers in the daily work in the Polyclinic and the newly opened Centre for the Disabled “Lasza”, run by Camillians in Tbilisi. The work consisted of rehabilitation (physiotherapy, massages, medical consultations), which was provided to all the patients of the Polyclinic.

Theoretical and practical training was carried out as well, covering the use of the equipment and physiotherapeutic treatments for local staff. The volunteers helped as well with organising activities for the patients of the Centre. In the course of the project, the therapy led by the volunteers was attended by 20 patients of St Camil’s House, 25 paediatric patients and 20 adult patients.

As a result of the project, the system of disabled assistance was improved by creating a comprehensive team of specialists in the newly established Centre, what will improve the conditions of the disabled patients and increase the number of the disabled in care. The purchased equipment will serve in the orders’ centres, what will bring the comfort to the patients and improve the quality of work of the staff. Thanks to the trainings for the local physiotherapists and doctors, the standards of medical care in the Centre improved greatly.