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World does not close the illness: volunteer work for disabled in Georgia

The project was implemented between 10 June and 31 December 2011 in Tbilisi (Georgia), and counted with participation of two volunteers, who stayed there respectively from 14 July to 22 December, and twice between 3 and 24 September and 26 November and 17 December 2011. The coordinator of the project was the Polish Medical Mission, and the local partner was the Georgian branch of Order of Regular Clerks Ministers to the Sick (Camillians).

The aim of the project was to provide medical services related to rehabilitation to patients of the clinic run by the local partner, and to conduct practical trainings of physiotherapy of children and adolescents.

During the project, the volunteers carried out physiotherapeutic treatment, attended by 36 disabled patients (15 of them were adults). They also conducted trainings and workshops related to rehabilitation techniques, attended by 9 local workers. In order to improve the health care system in the clinic, the volunteers created a system of medical records of the patients.

The project activities allowed to increase the number of families with disabled children using physiotherapeutic services provided by the clinic. Thanks to the trainings, the local workers were able to develop their professional skills.