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Women empowerment through Women Clubs

The project is a response  to the urgent need of the northern Tajikistan female population. Their difficult social situation has significantly limited the possibility of employment. To support their professional activity local NGOs with the foreign donors support set up Women's Clubs - meeting places where one can develop skills needed on the labour market.

The project, whose main purpose was to improve the skills  and professional activity was directed mostly to women  Main problem (including young women to whom the vocational trainings were devoted) is a lack of profession. 70 females participated in the project, all residents of regions of Asht and Ghafurov, in the Sughd Province. In the region most of the families rely on the female support as male members of the families went abroad for work. Unemployment for women means no income for whole family.

In the framework of the project following training were carried out: vocational training, training for the local entrepreneurship trainers aimed at qualifications raising, planning and social entrepreneurship workshops, as well as material support for Women's Clubs. As a result  the Clubs were able  to become self-maintained and independent. Furthermore, the clubs extended range of activities and the members, thanks to low – interest loans, gained the possibility to develop their own businesses. The most important benefit of the project was the fact, that all the members involved were able to find source of income and therefore the quality of their lives has been improved.

The project was implemented from March until December 2013 in cooperation with local partner – NGO New Generation (Nowe Pokolenie).