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Winterization assistance for the Syrian refugees in Northern Lebanon

As a result of humanitarian crisis arising from lingering conflict in Syria, we observe an increased influx of refugees to the neighbouring countries. From among the countries adjacent to Syria, the greatest number of refugees stay now on the territory of Liban. It affects  the social and economic situation in the country – lack of work, rise of property prices, tensions as a result of more difficult access to the local amenities. The situation of the Syrian refugees in Liban became much more difficult during heavy winter with freezing conditions. The PSID project aimed at securing the basic humanitarian needs of 550 Syrian families living in several localities in northern Liban. The project’s beneficiaries were equipped  in stoves, blankets and vouchers enabling them  to buy heating oil. The overall number of people covered with this help amounted to 2500 persons living in 350 houses and flats situated in area where the project was implemented. Apart from the Syrian refugees, also a few dozen of the poorest Lebanese families received the winter packs. An additional action in the framework of the project was the financing of purchase of a sanitation vehicle using for removing refuse from the area. The NGO Jamia Al-Shabab Ata’a Jazail was the local partner of Polish Centre of International Aid. The local NGO role was to provide stock rooms for stoves and blankets. The project was implemented from 15th of October to the end of December 2013.