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Winterization assistance for the IDPs in Ukraine

Within the framework of joined project implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Headquarters of the State Fire Service and three NGOs – Caritas Poland, Polish Red Cross and the Polish Centre for International Aid in December 2014 joined transport with in-kind aid to Kharkiv region in Ukraine, was organized.

Within the scope of the project of the Polish Centre for International Aid three kinds of assistance were granted:

  • Food and in-kind aid in forms of 5 000 food packages and 2 000 packages for children
  • Improvement of accommodation conditions as well as improvement of preparation of rooms for the winter conditions for 200 internally displaced people, who are staying in the refugee camp Romaszka near Kharkiv
  • Support for the 600 other families of internally displaced people by granting them financial allowances to prepare for the winter conditions

The beneficiaries of the project are 4 500 families of internally displaced people staying on the territory of Kharkiv region as well as 500  poorest families from this region, including elderly people and single mothers, who have received food packages the same as internally displaced refugees.