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Winterization aid for Syrian refugees in Akkar

The beneficiaries of the projects are Syrian refugees in the province of Akkar, northern Lebanon, primarily those who live in informal tented settlements and garages, basements or vacant buildings, etc. adapted as shelters. Towns and cities in the province are located at an altitude of 700 to over 1000 m above sea level. Winter weather conditions are especially unfavourable to refugees who are living in makeshift conditions. After several years of living in Lebanon, where maintenance costs are much higher than in Syria, these people are forced to live below the poverty line and they are unable to find warm clothes, blankets, space heaters and fuels. It poses an actual threat to their health or, in extreme cases, even their life. Children face the highest risk. Frequently, they have to walk barefoot, as their parents cannot afford to buy shoes. 

The religious charity association Jami'a Shabab al-'Ata al-Jazil, supported by the Polish Aid's funds, provides help in the area where the project is being implemented. The support in 2014 included, among others, financing the purchase of equipment for a clinic in al-Bire run by the association, which provides refugees and impoverished Lebanese people with health care. Material aid for refugees, provided in the form of food distribution and basic necessities (blankets, fuels, clothes for children) has been provided since the first refugees fled the hostilities in Syria.

Winterization aid for Syrian refugees in Akkar

The project is scheduled for the period 7-31 December, 2016. The beneficiaries of the projects are Syrian refugees in the province of Akkar, northern Lebanon, especially in the area of al-Bire, Aidamoun and Qubayat.

The goal of the project is to enable  refugees to survive severe winter weather conditions by purchasing and preparing the distribution of sleeping bags, space heaters, mazut, stamps for purchasing winter clothes and shoes.

The project is implemented by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Beirut in cooperation with the religious association Jami'a Shabab Al-'Ata Al-Jazil. The association was set up as a Muslim organisation engaged in a wide range of teaching activities and social assistance. The organisation conducts educational courses (primarily for women) and courses in material aid for those in need. At first, the organisation supported poor Lebanese families in al-Bire and its vicinity, but after the Syrian conflict broke out and refugees poured in, providing Syrians with aid became their primary scope of activity. Also, impoverished Lebanese people benefit from this aid. The organisation provides its services to those in need of help, without limiting it to one religious group or one nationality.

For the purposes of calculation, the following exchange rate was applied: USD 1 = PLN 4.1793.

Winterization aid for Syrian refugees in Akkar

The project was implemented from 7 to 31 December, 2016. It provided Syrian refugees with space heaters and fuels and financed the purchase of warm clothes and sleeping blankets. Employees of the Jami’a Shabab Al-‘Ata Al-Jazil association and volunteers handled the distribution. The estimated number of the project beneficiaries amounted to about 4,000 people, mostly Syrians.

Despite its short duration, the project was implemented successfully and answered the most urgent needs of the refugees so that they could survive severe winter weather conditions. The value of the donation amounted to USD 30,000, which covered the entire cost of the project.