Polska pomoc


We need our land! – creation and dissemination of educational tools for teachers, lecturers and non-governmental organisations in Poland about the impact of access to land on the food sovereignty and development opportunities in the countries of the Global South

The project was implemented between 1 May and 31 December 2011 in Warsaw and Kazimierz Dolny, and its aim was to develop and distribute educational materials about several issues of global education. The coordinator of the project was the Institute of Global Responsibility.

The thematic scope of the project involved issues of food sovereignty and the problem of land grabbing in the countries of the Global South. The project activities based on organising a lecture “Regaining El Dorado. The struggle for human rights in the context of international investment and forced resettlement of the rural population in Colombia”, a workshop “Un-earthly business. Land grabbing in the countries of the Global South”, and a happening “Closed since tomorrow”.

During the activities, previously developed flyers, publications and teaching materials were distributed, including “Direction: South. Where to look for sources? A package of recommended sources of information on global education”, and “Don’t grab for yourself! How to teach about global interdependences, with the example of land grabbing”.

As part of the completed activities, 8,700 copies of flyers, publications and teaching materials were printed. 30 people participated in the happening, and 40 people in total took part in the lecture and the workshop.