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We are learning not for school but for life - support the methods of working with disabled children in centers run by the Mothers of Disabled Children Association AMEH Indemesho in Burundi

Since the end of the political and social conflicts in Burundi, the situation is slowly improving. However, Burundi is still one of the poorest countries in Africa. The situation of women and children, often homeless because of internal and external displacements, is particularly difficult. Another problem is an access to clean water in some regions, and epidemics of infectious diseases. Refugees returning to Burundi are a serious burden for the social and educational system.

The project was implemented between 1 July and 31 December 2013 in the villages of Mubone and Maramyaya in Burundi, and counted with participation of one volunteer who stayed there from 27 September to 29 December 2013. The coordinator of the project was Poland - East Africa Economic Foundation (PEAEF), and the local partners were A.M.E.H Indemesho - The Association of Mothers with Handicapped Children,  and the School for Disabled Children No.9 inKrakow.

During the project, the volunteer worked in two Day Care Centres for children with disabilities, that are run by The Association of Mothers with Handicapped Children. She coordinated a series of workshops on pedagogy of Maria Montessori, the Knills’ Activity Programme, and Veronica Sherborne Developmental Movement Method. She also organised 6 support meetings with parents of handicapped children, attended by approx. 30-35 parents (Super Mum and Super Dad Day). Because of an outstanding activity of the participants, additional training courses were included in the schedule. The volunteer supplied the centres with numerous materials for Montessori method, and other educational tools.

As a result of the project, parents of handicapped children from the villages participating in the project are able to help their children more effectively, their self-esteem has improved as well. In the Day Care Centres, professional rooms for playing and work with handicapped children were created and equipped with Montessori materials, Klanza sheets and other educational tools.