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Volunteer work in St. Luke's Hospital in Kaloleni - Kenya

The project was implemented between 1 June and 3 September 2011 in Kaloleni (Kenya), and counted with participation of two volunteers, who stayed there from 28 June to 30 August. The coordinator of the project was the Polish Medical Mission, and the local partner was the AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation); Sub Saharan Volunteers & Adventures.

The aim of the project was a volunteering work in the St Lucas Hospital in Kaloleni and other local health centres, carried out by a public health specialist and a paramedic.

The main components of the projects were physical and diagnostic examinations, administrative work and educational activities. Moreover, apart from everyday help to the hospital staff, the volunteers participated in field work, researching main necessities, training about first aid, and providing basic health care (e.g. vaccinations).

As part of the educational component, the volunteers trained patients and nursing students about personal hygiene, family planning, healthy eating habits and preventing infectious diseases. Additionally, they carried out trainings of first aid and resuscitation of adults an newborns.

In total, over the course of the project, the volunteers worked over 240 hours. During that time they trained over 100 people about preventing infectious diseases and first aid, and 45 people (25 of them students) about resuscitation. Every day approx. 30 people participated in educational lectures.

The volunteers developed methods of transmitting applications about quality of performed medical procedures, and transmitting modern international guidelines and recommendations of emergency medicine.