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Voluntary support to the rehabilitation in the rural areas in Malawi

The project took the form of volunteers’ assistance by medical rehabilitation conducted by the Sue Ryder Foundation in villages in 2 Districts of Balaka and Ntcheu in Malawi. The organization has been a beneficiary of the Polish Aid Programme since 2008. The foundation cares for approx. 700 patients on a permanent basis, in particular children, living in rural regions of Malawi that lack medical infrastructure.

The foundation runs 2 medical teams: a nursing one and a rehabilitation one paying regular visits to villages covered by the programme. During off-site sessions, patients are prescribed medicaments, patients requiring hospitalization of specialist diagnostics are transported to hospital in cities, while physiotherapists conduct rehabilitation of patients and train volunteers in caring for patients on site in villages. Polish physiotherapists participate in off-site sessions in villages and conduct trainings in rehabilitation.

Voluntary support to the rehabilitation in the rural areas in Malawi

During the period from 22 July until 18 December 2015, the Foundation “Sustainable Rural Development Institute” in cooperation with the Sue Ryder Foundation in Malawi performed a project aimed at providing residents of villages with medical rehabilitation. Place of the project: villages in the Districts of Balaka and Ntcheu in Malawi and in the city of Balaka. The project directly covered 375 patients in the age between 0.5 and 45 years.

The project directly referred to the Millennium Development Goals: Goal 4: Reduce child mortality and Goal 6: Combat AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

The above mentioned goals were achieved in the course of daily off-site sessions conducted by physiotherapists in villages during a period of 3 months, as well as on-site rehabilitation in the office of the Malawian foundation in the city of Balaka. Patients were provided, as far as necessary, with small rehabilitation and invalidity instruments under the project.

Voluntary support to the rehabilitation in the rural areas in Malawi

The support by Polish female volunteers in Malawi and the performance of the project had a positive impact on the development of the potential of the receiving organization, as well as enabled to purchase medicaments for many patients among a steady group of approx. 700 beneficiaries. Direct beneficiaries of the project comprised of 375 patients in the age between 0.5 and 45 years whose rehabilitation was conducted by Polish female volunteers during a 3-month stay in Malawi. 320 patients completed rehabilitation treatment in villages, while 55 patients in the office of the Malawian foundation in Balaka. Female volunteers also trained two physiotherapists - employees of the receiving organization and carers of patients in villages. In the course of the projects, medicaments were purchased for patients, as well as small orthopaedic instruments, i.e. walking frames (10 pieces), orthopaedic small chairs for children (20 pieces) and walkers (10 pieces). Furthermore, volunteers independently prepared an educational programme in the prevention of diseases of hygiene that was implemented in 2 schools and a day-care centre in Balaka during leisure time outside of rehabilitation treatment. Under the educational initiative, female volunteers kept a blog diary: azunguinmalawi.zohosites.com. Having returned to Poland, they participated in educational meetings that brought together 244 pupils and students and teachers. Two meetings took place at the Medical University of Warsaw (on 9 and 10 December). Female Volunteers also participated in meetings with peoples of two schools: in Konstancin-Jeziorna (on 10 December) and in Łukom (on 11 December).