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Voluntary service in the program of sustainable development of Zugdidi and Imereti Regions in Georgia 2010

In the time period between June 17th and December 31st 2010 Angelus Silesius House in cooperation with People in Need organisation carried out a project aimed at the youth, social organisations, local community, public administration, and internal refugees in Georgia.

Activities of two volunteers participating in the project contributed to increasing the social activity of inhabitants of rural areas in Georgian regions of Imeretii and Zugdidi; increasing the activities of the local NGOs and Local Government Institutes so that their activities could contribute to improvement of quality of life of local community; improvement of  mobility and limitation of unemployment among internal refugees, who partook in the project; balancing the access to education and increasing its quality among youth from refugee environments (IDPs) and rural areas from Imeretii and Zugdidi regions; increase of cross-sectoral cooperation in Imeretii region, as well as increase of the multiplicative effect of activities financed  from micro grant fund through issuing publications concerning good practice.

The volunteers joined an already running development project, thus the overall results were far wider than the effects arising directly from their work, that had, however, immediate impact on the achievement of the following aims by the project: content support in the range of identification and creation of staff of local leaders in the areas of Zugdidi and Imeretii regions.