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Voluntary service - working as tutors in the children’s home in Tupiza in Bolivia - continuation of project

In the time period between July 1st and December 31st 2010 Salesian Missionary Voluntary Service - Youth For The World, branch in Wroclaw, in cooperation with Congregation of Sisters Servants of Blessed Virgin Mary executed a project consisting of volunteers caring for 49 foster children from an orphanage in Tupiza – children and youths between the ages of 5 and 18 years.

The strategic objective of the project was to improve lives of young residents of Tupiza and provide them with a chance for intellectual, emotional and social development and thus contribute to sustainable development of the local community. The project was directly related to the implementation of Regional Economic and Social Development Plan 2006-2010 (PDDES) of Potosi region, which contributed to achieving the assumptions inscribed in the project related to Millennial Development Objectives. The activities concerning reduction of poverty referred directly to the beneficiaries of the project, foster children from the orphanage, through improvement of their living conditions as well as to the long-term benefits associated with them becoming independent adapting to an independent life. Moreover, the project was inscribed in the assumptions of Bolivian Poverty Reduction Strategy (Estrategia Boliviana de Reducción de Pobreza - EBRP), which called for involvement of the poorest inhabitants of the country in the planning and implementation of solutions aimed at reducing poverty. The volunteers have contributed to the spread of the model of active participation in social life through direct contact with the children in orphanage in Tupiza and with the local community.

The tasks performed by the volunteers involved in the project included administrating the orphanage and organising time of the foster children, conducting classes and workshops, which aimed not only at broadening children’s knowledge, but also developing skills of independent and creative thinking, which will help them to enter the adult life.

The volunteers conducted a total of 300 hours of consultations and homework assisting meetings, as well as choreography, art therapy, and music therapy workshops, drama, integration dance, English, and sports classes in order to develop creativity and broaden children’s knowledge and skills. Moreover, they took care of providing the children with friendly to personal development environment. Referring to the experience of volunteers previously working in this institution and in response to children’s needs a small library was created. The volunteers also conducted 25 hours of training for a group of local students concerning educational methods and pedagogical, psychological, and didactical aspects.