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VIII International Documentary Film Festival HumanDOC at Kinoteka and on the internet platform

The idea of creating the HumanDOC Festival was inspired by the desire to bring the topic of global education closer to Polish people in an accessible and attractive form. The public opinion polls commissioned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2015 show that despite the declared support for the idea of helping less developed nations (65% of Poles think that Poland should support these countries), there is little understanding of the idea of developmental cooperation, and there is little awareness of the term “development aid.” In addition, very little information about the help provided by Poland reaches the public. 

Education by way of meetings, cultural events and documentary films is a proven, effective method of transferring knowledge and encouraging discussion on important social issues. Since 2010, the HumanDOC Foundation has been reaching out with its festival to a large group of people who represent different levels of knowledge and involvement in international matters or global issues.

Until now, the festival has gathered an audience of more than 150,000 people, building its brand and responding to the need for deeper knowledge in terms of global education. Thanks to a developed promotional campaign, information about the festival and its impact has been reaching people through various channels. This year, the VOD.pl platform will be used, which is managed by the Foundation’s official partner, the Onet Group.

VIII International Documentary Film Festival HumanDOC at Kinoteka and on the internet platform

On 24-26 November 2017, the 8th HumanDOC International Film Festival will be held at Warsaw’s Kinoteka and on VOD platforms. The three days of film screenings, the awards ceremony at Kinoteka and screenings of social campaigns will be preceded by a promotional campaign and preparation of the festival in an online version.

The festival is a summary of the efforts of Polish and international film artists to popularise knowledge in the area of global education. The presented films touch on such issues as inequality in countries and between countries, global interdependencies, developmental cooperation, humanitarian aid, international support, global problems and challenges, the fight against social exclusion, the effects of conflicts or climate change.

During the festival, there will be meetings with Polish and foreign artists, introductory talks on films, screenings of social campaigns and an award ceremony. Events will take place at Kinoteka at the Palace of Culture and Science (film screenings, meetings with guests, discussion panels), as well as via the VOD.pl Polish internet platform (films shown online).

The organiser expects about 5,000 people to take part in the additional events and about 10,000 to watch the festival films online. It is estimated that about 100,000 people will see or hear festival advertisements in the media (on the internet, in the press, on radio or television, in urban places).

VIII International Documentary Film Festival HumanDOC at Kinoteka and on the internet platform

The event has made a significant contribution to building and expanding the awareness of Polish society about matters concerning sustainable development, equality of opportunities and gender, global developmental interdependencies, inequalities in countries and between countries, the idea of helping others and involving Poland in developmental and international aid. The participants gained knowledge that can serve to start discussions with family, friends and co-workers. Thanks to such talks, more Poles will learn about Poland’s involvement in developmental issues in the world, which might result in reflections concerning individuals’ attitude to the world. The goals of sustainable development will be better understood, while the possibility of cooperating and exchanging experiences between partners and the media can lead to similar initiatives.

Between 24 and 26 November 2017, about 15,000 people saw 24 Polish and foreign documentary films as well as 16 social campaigns. The films were presented with subtitles in Polish and in English, due to the international character of the event. The participants of the festival also took part in discussion panels and meetings with guests, such as travellers and film-makers. Film workshops and a photography exhibition were organised in the hall of Warsaw’s Kinoteka Cinema. In the Plan B club at Zbawiciela Square in Warsaw, a charity event was held for domestic violence victims in Georgia.

The festival events broadened knowledge of the Polish people on subjects related to global development and showed the possibilities of cooperation and dialogue. During the festival, the involvement of our country in global development issues was shown. The festival films were also available at VOD.pl, which made it possible to reach wide groups of people and popularise development education. The films were seen by more than 17,000 Poles and about 100,000 heard about the event through the media.