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V International Documentary Film Festival HumanDOC

On a global scale, Poland is a highly developed country and one of the world’s forty richest states. Several years ago, Poland transformed itself from a beneficiary of development assistance to its donor. The project involves the organization of HumanDOC International Documentary Film Festival GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT IN CINEMA, which is a special cultural and educational event on the map of Central and Eastern Europe.

The festival, organised by the HumanDoc Foundation since 2010, fulfils its role as a cyclical event that leaves a lasting impression on its audience, expands Poles’ knowledge and raises their awareness about global development issues and Poland’s engagement in developmental cooperation. The aim of the festival’s documentary screenings is to familiarise Polish citizens with the situation in developing countries in a wide context, to make them attuned to the needs of the inhabitants of those countries and to show the impact of global issues on the day-to-day lives of ordinary people. The Festival helps the audience understand the mechanisms of developmental assistance and explains the ‘’who, why and how’’ of Poland’s international assistance.

The Festival reaches out to a wide audience comprising people of different educational, social and vocational backgrounds and age groups. It is addressed to people interested in international affairs and global issues as well and those who know nothing about them.

V International Documentary Film Festival HumanDOC

The Festival combines world-class documentary cinema with a reflection on global matters. Both short- and full-length documentaries are screened at the Festival presenting global interdependencies, issues and challenges. The Festival is the world up-close: living on less than a dollar a day; fighting social exclusion; the effects of climate change; international assistance, conflicts. It is a unique combination of cinema, social campaigns, debates, discussions, exhibitions, and competitions.

The aim of the project to build and expand regularly and permanently the Polish public’s awareness of development around the world and of global development interdependencies and Poland’s engagement in development cooperation. The presentation of global development in cinema will help beneficiaries to understand the situation in the world’s poorer regions and to make them more attuned to the local reality, showing global challenges and interdependencies, mobilising them to act and offering them an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience.

V International Documentary Film Festival HumanDOC

International Film Festival HumanDOC took place from 7 to 9 November 2014, and festival films were screened in cinemas in Poznan, Cracow and Warsaw for 2 months jointly. Within the scope of the project, 22 full length documentaries and 7 social commercials were shown, which purpose was to sensibilise the audience to the situation in poor countries and to show them global challenges. 

In film projections 1049 beneficiaries took part and more than 10 500 viewers from Poland saw festival films on an on-line platform Kinoplex.pl. Moreover, HumanDOC implementors as first in Poland, organized screenings of 7 films adapted for needs of people with hearing and sight defects, which could be seen in cinemas and on-line till the end of the year. Within the framework of the festival prizes were awarded in three categories. Grand Prix for the Best Foreign Film, founded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Polish development cooperation funds, won “Sick Fuck People” directed by Juri Rechinsky. Whereas Grand Prix in the Best Polish Film category and The Special Award from Bank Zachodni WBK jury granted to “Aleppo. Notes from the Dark” directed by Wojciech Szumowski and Michał Przedlacki.

Panel discussions on current issues were organized, for example the results of development aid for Palestinians, as well as meetings with directors, inter alia awarded Wojciech Szumowski and Julia Groszek, co-organizer of Planet + Doc festival, in which more than 600 people participated. Approx. 4500 people took part in competitions which were organized on Facebook profile of the festival, and the awards were free entrance to the film screenings. Participants could win the free entrance by voting for the best photographs in “The World of  Diverse Widths” contest, as well as participating in the knowledge about development issues competition.

The beneficiaries of the project were also filmmakers, for whom 2 workshops were carried out on work aspects in Global South countries, from which 135 people benefited. They had the possibility to learn the art of creating documentaries on the basis of films of respected documentary maker and laureate of prestigious awards Ewa Ewart, with whom a meeting was organized.

One of the project actions was a photographic contest, in which 923 people participated, submitting works in 3 categories: “The World of Diverse Widths”, “Democracy in action” and “HumanDOC”. The winners were invited for two-day workshop with Wojciech Grzędziński, laureate of World Press Photo and the head of photographers in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland. The awarded photographs were exhibited from 7 to 13 November 2014 in hall of Kinoteka in Warsaw.